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Farther Afield: Glendale & Pasadena

Farther Afield: Glendale & Pasadena

I was in Glendale for work this week, which is a rough enough commute that I stayed at a hotel Monday and Wednesday nights so that I'd only have to make the drive once a day.

Of course, the bike addict in me immediately seized on the opportunity: This means I have two evenings to kill, and I can bring my bike!

Glendale Sports Complex

Fern & El Prieto Cyn


Garmin Screens

Garmin Screens

Once in a while I have to reset my Garmin, and every single time, I wish I'd written down how I have my various screens set up.

That ends today.


There's Something I Want

And if I can get my weight under 175 and my Coachwhip PR under 9:00, I'm going to get it. Currently: 179 lbs and 9:22. So. 5 lbs, and 23 seconds.

Game on.

Coachwhip PR: 9:22

Neha Narula on Caching

I think this video, combined with Sarah Mei's blog post about the pitfalls of MongoDB has really gotten my head around the place NoSQL databases have in the web ecosystem.


Sarah Mei: Livable Code

And so I started to wonder: Why is it that all the advice we get about software design, and process, why is it that none of that seems to matter in some ways? -Sarah Mei

This crystalizes so much of what I've struggled to articulate for so much of my career. Mei's answers have a deep insight that we're all going to need if we're to put these endless, tiresome religious debates about the One Best Way to make software behind us.

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