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Sanity Ride

Sanity Ride

Got in a much-needed sanity ride in Santiago Oaks yesterday. Lots going on at home. And my wife, who is my hero, kicked me out for a couple hours to get a dose of fresh air and sunshine and sweat.

Rambling Oaks Loop

Consistent Training

Consistent Training

After training for the Santiago went so awry, and then Caspers training became moot, and so many huge changes have come about, it feels really good to stack up six weeks of consistent training. In the grand scheme of things, it's tiny. But it feels like a tiny victory.

And I'll take a victory, however tiny.


Moderating the Level of Crazy

I've done a few weeks of my nano-workouts, and I think I'm ready to form an opinion on how well they're working. In general, they're great. It lets me work in a little activity when/if I can.

They're at their best when I work them into a longer block of housework. Clean the grill, 2-arm KB swings, load the laundry, push-ups, dishes, 1-arm KB swings, vaccuum, clean & press...

That routine keeps me warmed up and moving. When I try to just walk out after dinner and do a quick three-set workout in 5 minutes, I'm reminded why warming up is important.

Bike training is going well, I think. I started my bike path interval workouts two months ago with (in TCTP notation):

3 x [2SEPI, 4RBI]

My last three interval sessions have been:

2 x [4 x [2SEPI, 2RBI]] (5RBS)

I could break down the metrics on total work time, percentage of rest time, etc. But the bottom line is that today's workout would have kicked my ass eight weeks ago. Now, it feels like the right training load.

I feel like I've really settled into a nice groove over the last few weeks, and the last 5 have been consistently good. I'm consistently over 3 hrs of training. And I can feel the extra time in my legs this weekend.

I'll repeat this training week through the rest of this month if I can. Typcal rhythm:

  • M: 2 x [4 x [2SEPI, 2RBI]] (5RBS)
  • T: 45-60min LSD
  • F: 2 x [4 x [2SEPI, 2RBI]] (5RBS)

I'm very curious to see how my mountain biking legs fare after a few months of strictly flat, paved terrain.

Bike Path Intervals

Recognizing Yourself in Someone Else's Painting

Penelope Trunk:

An ENTJ does not like regular fun. ENTJ fun is meeting a goal, which means making a little progress each day, reviewing the remaining milestones. And then lingering on the big-picture in the way I imagine others sip a tall glass of beer during happy hour.

Wow is that ever me. I mean, just look at me, sitting here, coffee in hand, savoring the Strava charts of today's bike ride. The ride itself is a straight line out and back along a perfectly flat bike path. They say that (I/E)NTJs have rich interior lives. Everything interesting about this ride happened in my head.

So Crazy it Just Might Work

So Crazy it Just Might Work

My ridiculous plan to trade 3 40-minute workouts for 40 3-minute workouts continues to prove... not so ridiculous.

I had a hellacious week at work, and decided to jettison KB work to maintain time to ride, so my set totals this week are way down. But they're not zero.

So far, I've logged 3+ hours of saddle time two weeks in a row. I call that success.

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