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Self-Coaching: Week 2

Self-Coaching: Week 2

Checking in on last week's goals:

Maintain rhythm with gym workouts & rides.

Check. And I even did plenty of stretching this week.

I've also started doing deadlifts at home to supplement my work in the company gym. There's simply no substitute for the fundamentals.

Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.

Check. I've been good.

Register for an Over the Hump race in August.

Check. Racing August 15.

Bring my lunch to work.

This was the one that needed to change the most, and I changed it. Brought lunch three days out of five. Far better this week than last week.

Weigh-In: 182.2 lbs. (Progress!)

Overall: A

Pretty much kept it together this week.

Goals for Next Week:

New goals: same as the old goals. If I can keep up this routine, I'll be doing fine. I feel like this part of my life is as together as I need it to be.

Self-Coaching: Week 1

Self-Coaching: Week 1

A little more than a week ago, I set out a few changes I wanted to make to improve my fitness and overall health. (Including mental health.)

Setting out goals is fun. Most people find measuring progress to be less fun. But for me, measuring progress is maybe the most fun part of all.

Embrace your own weirdness, people. I'm tellin' ya. Good for the soul.

Okay, so how did I do?


Motivational Self-Talk

Motivational Self-Talk

I was looking at my Santiago race report from last year, and this jumped out at me:

Browsing through the race day photos, there's a clear difference between me and the mid-pack Sport riders. They are noticeably leaner than I am. Normally, I wouldn't care. But that's reinforced by the race data.

I can only imagine what I'd be able to do if I were riding more consistently, and not carrying around a gallon of ice cream and two batches of cookies everywhere I go.

It's time to face the fact that the single best thing I can do for my cycling (and probably my health in general) is to drop 10-15 lbs.

So I'm posting this image in my cube, and I might tape it inside the pantry door at home, above the cookies.

For the record, my bathroom scale says I'm at 184.6#, 16% body fat.

Barham Ridge Graded

Barham Ridge Graded

Santiago has been my haven over the last couple of years. To have a major part of it erased like this feels like something real has been lost. I didn't expect to feel this way, but I do.

I can grudgingly accept that Barham was originally a fire road, and is needed to provide emergency access. But I've heard rumors that the Chutes Trail is next, and that really would be a loss. Santiago Oaks is a small park. It doesn't have sweeping views or jewel box canyons. What it does have is local access, personality, and technical challenge. Grading these trails destroys what's best about this park.

Coaching Myself

Coaching Myself

Big Picture

Plan on racing next year.
Working toward goals makes me happy.
Weight training should focus on the basics.
Bench press, pull-up, dead lift, squat, loaded carries, and Turkish get-ups. Get a squat rack with a pull-up bar.
Twice a week, work on mobility.


Do some no-hands Turkish get-up variations.
My hips have been sore. Some mobility & strength work will do them good.
Stretch out the lunch loop this week.
I've streamlined my lunch ride process. There's time now.
Bring lunch from home.
The cafe at work is outstanding, but I'm happier eating food from home.
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