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Rocky Peak Hike

Headed out to the same area of Simi as last week for another hike: this time, the second leg of the Hummingbird/Rocky Peak hike.

In a few weeks I'll try the whole thing in one go: The Hummingbird trail from Khuner up to the junction with the Rocky Peak trail, then from there out to Rocky Peak proper. But that's a ~4hr, 2100' elevation gain hike, and I'm sure my legs aren't quite there yet. I've got some plantar facia soreness in my left heel after yesterday, and my glutes definitely feel the workout. so I'm not going to push too hard. There are plenty of satisfying hikes that'll let my feet recover.

And I finally remembered to take my GPS unit with me, so I'll be playing with plotting GPS logs on Google maps.

Interesting notes: I put the unit in my pocket, and it did fine. Just a marginal drop in resolution. (Open air: ~12ft; pocket: ~14ft.)

I'm turning into a seriously geeked-out hiker. GPS tracks distance, elevation, and time between waypoints; my heart rate monitor tracks total time, average/max/min heart rate, and calories burned. All in all, a really rich set of data.

I am, however, becoming skeptical of my heart monitor's accuracy. It says that I burned 1475 kcal on yesterday's hike. That seems like a lot, and I'm not seeing weight loss consistent with that kind of weekly calorie burn. (It also says I typically burn ~600 kcal/hr at the climbing gym, and ~800 kcal/hr in the weight room.) So it looks like I need to get more educated about heart monitors.

For the record: I normally don't care about weight. If I'm stronger and leaner, I'm happy. But lately I'm simply too big (195+ lbs.) for a long life of running, hiking, and climbing. So, for the first time, my main goal is to lose weight. Target: 175 lbs.

My hunch is that there's too much of a strength component to my weight room workouts, and that I'm not doing enough cardio. So I'm going to shift the balance and see what happens.

And all my research in to Parkour has turned me on to French rap. If you haven't heard MC Solaar, you're missing out.

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