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Weekend Hike: Rocky Peak

On Sunday I did the Hummingbird-Rocky Peak linkup: the trail gains about 2300' of elevation over 3.6 miles, starting from the Hummingbird trailhead off Khuner Dr. in Simi, and ending at the USGS survey disc atop Rocky Peak. Quite a rush.

I got the whole thing on my GPS unit, so hopefully I can introduce a little Google Maps magic and give you an overhead view of the whole thing.

It was chilly and breezy, so I got to try out my new rain shell. It's becoming clear that I just sweat too damn much, and need to work out a system for staying warm and dry in cool/cold weather. Yesterday I wore a long-sleeved dri-fit top under my rainshell, and had serious condensation issues, even with all vents open and the front zip around my belly button. It's not that the shell doesn't breathe, it's that I just sweat like a madman, and it seems to have more to do with my core temp than with the outside temp. Bottom line: with the shell, I was cold and damp, without the shell I was freezing.

This tells me two things: a soft insulating jacket might be a better approach for hard hikes in cool weather. I should save the rain shell for more moderate efforts or actual rain.

It's also likely I boxed myself in: I got good and sweaty before removing the rain shell, at which point the wind was wicked on my sodden shirt. Maybe if I'd started out with just the dri-fit, it could have kept me warm and dry until I got up high enough for wind to be an issue.

Clearly, more research is called for. :)

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