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Las Llajas Trail

More hiking/biking blogging! I've been looking around for a good beginner level biking trail, and I found it: the Las Llajas trail over here in Simi, coincidentally only 2 miles from my apartment. Awesome.

To find the trail: exit the 101 freeway at Yosemite Ave. in Simi, and head north 1 or 2 miles to Evening Sky Ln. Make a right onto Evening Sky, and go through the first stop sign to a rather yuppified "trailhead" on the left hand side just as the road heads uphill. (Theres another trail on the right of the road; I don't know where that goes.)

Here's a link to the aproximate location of the Las Llajas trailhead. The actual location is just a bit farther west on Evening Sky.

The beginning of the trail is paved. (I know.) Bear right and head down the steep pavement to a Y intersection with construction equipment visible off to your left. Bear right onto the trail, and pedal to your heart's content.

Despite its paved start, the trail quickly becomes a fire road along a stream through the hills. There are a couple of short climbs, but even my spaghetti legs had no trouble, and the scenery is wonderful. Lots of brush and woodfall along the stream, but the trees and hills are great. Feels a lot like Cheseboro Cyn. Hard-packed trail, more like a fire road than anything. But there are a couple gravel patches and a stream to ford that keep things interesting. (At least for me, on maybe my 10th trail ride ever. "I forded a two-inch deep stream! Wheeee!")

I turned back early, so I don't know where this trail really goes. I'll be fun to head out again on a weekend morning and have time to really explore. And I hope to get back out there to go running. This is a perfect spot to get my legs back: level, well-traveled, quiet, off-pavement.

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