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Weekend Wrap-up


Spent Friday night with friends having dinner and checking out the newly expanded Topanga Plaza. That place is going to get so much of my spare cash...


I took advantage of the exceptional weather on Saturday and did the Khuner-to-Rocky Peak hike, taking just over 2½ hours. The last time I did it, it took about 3:15, so peeling 45 minutes off the round trip ain't too shabby. However, I forgot to wear sunscreen, so that was 2.5 hours of getting my shoulders cooked. Ouch.

Unfortunately, I did not refuel while on the hike (despite having a couple of Clif Shots tucked in my pack), and neglected to get anything to eat until well after I'd gotten home. Which means I spent a rough 2.5 hour hike powered only by a bowl of cereal and a banana, followed by more than an hour of hunger. Net result: that hike took a lot more out of me than it should have. Lesson learned.

Galactica Geekout

Headed for a friend's place on Saturday to watch the season premier of Battlestar Galactica, which was awesome. I'm always reluctant to return to this kind of seriously geeky sci-fi, but Galactica keeps drawing me back in. Great adventure story.

Road Bike Road Test

And I drove up to Newbury Park Bike Shop to test drive my top two road bike picks. I'd done my homework and narrowed my choices down based on budget and technical considerations. So yesterday it was time to find out which one felt the best. Both bikes were fantastic, but I'm going with the Giant OCR1. It just felt more stable, more comfortable, and a little smoother.

So now I ask around about prices, and see if the Newbury Park shop can match them. (I'd like to get my bike there. They've been great to me in the past, and were really great yesterday, so they get preferential consideration.)

Now I'm all a-twitter. I can't want to pick it up and get on the road! I've been exploring the neighborhood, and there are some great roads nearby for riding: newly paved, little-used, with wide bike lanes. Perfect.

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