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Training Log: Alberson Fire Road

Training Log: Alberson Fire Road

Saturday's ALC training ride was threatened by rain, so I decided to stay in bed. Evidently I needed it: I slept more than 13 hrs, and it didn't leave me groggy.

I woke up around noon, and immediately realized that the ride would have been beautiful. Temps were in the high 60's, and the sun was shining. So I grabbed my mountain bike and headed out exploring on the trails south of Simi Valley.

I headed out from the Long Canyon trailhead, and had a blast. I ended up doing most of the length of the Alberson fire road, which starts at the north end of Westlake Blvd. and runs east-west between Westlake and Simi. The fire road is a long, merciless uphill grind, and several sections forced me to dismount and walk. Even with my lowest gears, my legs and lungs just couldn't keep up. I'll get there, but for now I'm just not going to kill myself trying to get up those sections.

It took me 45 minutes to get to the top of the fire road (or, at least a convenient peak at which to turn around), and once I'd stopped to enjoy the view, I realized that the breeze had gotten much cooler since I'd started out, and that a line of clouds was advancing from the west. So I booked it back down the trail, and was back at the car packing up just as the first clouds were rolling overhead.

Total time: 2h flat, and I covered a little over 11 miles. And here's the Google Map of my ride (one way).

Update 2/15/07: It looks like the hike-a-bike sections took their toll: a spot just to the rear of the ball of my foot, under the first knuckle of my "middle toe" is swolen and hurts when I walk on it without padding. Same spot that always bugs me when I wear dress shoes. So: I need some gel inserts or something for my mountain bike shoes.

GPX Record of Alberson Fire Road Ride 2007/02/10

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