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Exploring the Local Trails

I headed east from the Long Canyon trailhead this afternoon, and eventually found some really fun, technical singletrack leading south toward the Alberson Fire Rd. Some of it was pretty gnarly: steep downhill over loose golfball- and baseball-sized stones, with thick scrub on one side and a steep, rocky slope on the other. I walked that section, and resumed the ride just south of a shady stand of oaks.

After that, it was nothing but fun. I followed a wide trail down to the bottom of the Alberson Fire Road, to the trailhead off Lang Ranch Parkway. I wasn't keen to turn around and ride back uphill to where my car was parked, and I knew there was a shortcut somewhere, a trailhead down at the end of Westlake Blvd that led to a short trail back to Simi. So, I hopped on the pavement, and went looking.

I got lucky: I rode right to it, and some other bikers confirmed that I was on the right trail. Thirty seconds later I knew exactly where I was, and ten minutes after that I was back at my car. Quite a fun little loop.

Unfortunately, I was having too much fun riding to take any pictures. So you'll have to wait a while for more trail shots. But, here's the GPS map in case you're curious.

Alberson Loop

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