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That Which Gets Measured...

I've been watching with interest as CrossFit takes the nation by storm, introducing the masses to the benefits of training like a soldier. I think the foundations are sound: if you want the fitness level of a Marine, you must train like a Marine.

There's an excellent essay at Performance Menu called CrossFit Criteria, talking about the trade-offs in measuring the fitness level of athletes. It's very much a CrossFit specific discussion, but also cuts to the heart of why so many people don't get what they want out of a fitness program. Specifically: what are your goals? How will you measure progress toward them?

That question has a really interesting answer for the "Dirt Diva":

I am planning to come back in a month and have Brian MacKenzie train me for two weeks. He wants to see me cut my running in half and focus on proper running and my crossfit WODS.

Yep: her goal is to train far less than she does, without sacrificing athletic performance.

Elsewhere, the Fat Cyclist discusses how a wrist injury might just make him a happier guy:

[K]nowing that my wrist is messed up ... has made me think about this season. I expect I?m going to have to have surgery and some healing time before I can ride mountain bikes again.

I have to accept the likelihood that I won?t be able to get into great shape by Leadville.

Strangely, I feel very happy about that possibility, because it allows a whole new slew of possibilities.

It's easy to get caught up in fitness goals. "Fatty" was trying for a sub-nine-hour finish at Leadville, a 100-mile mountain bike race. Letting go of that means he's free to measure "success" by other means.

Me, I'm planning on a short workout this weekend (a short fun bike ride just for fun, and a 40-minute weight workout to help my body recover), to give my body time to recover from a tough week of training. My goal is simple: have fun.

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