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Taking Stock

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it.

I want to pay off my credit card debt. But I'm doing a terrible job. I bought Quicken a while back, but don't use it. Stupid. Gonna fix that tonight.

Likewise with my fitness goals. My weight (and body fat %) is creeping steadily upward. I'm going to start by posting my current weight on the fridge, and ditching all sweets from the house. (I've also just set up Calorie-Count.com on my phone.)

And the strain of doing an extra night of martial arts every week is showing. Laundry is piling up, I haven't been able to climb or bike, and I'm feeling pretty sore today, when I should be fresh and ready for more. Must stretch after every workout, and get 9 hours of sleep if I'm going to do workouts on consecutive days like this.

And I haven't seen my friends in a while. Some in months. Others in years. Must fix this.

So, tonight's to-do list:

  • Cancel/freeze gym membership. ($28/mo, and I never go.)
  • Get Quicken set up.
  • Post weight on the fridge.
  • Hook up Airport express for printing and backups.
  • Bed by 10:30 PM.

Really, what I want is a small "scoreboard" web page I can hit from my iPhone. I would have my weight, my bank balance, and my credit card balances. Might not be too hard to hack together...

Readers' Comments

Nice, you're optimizing your operations AND planing on seeing old friends. That's a win/win. Of course, when you both come out there we're going to stuff you full of: Mother Bear's pizza, Bear's Place reubens, Lennie's sandwiches and nitro pull beer, and home made cookies.

You'll need to buy two plane seats apiece to get your asses back to Cali.


Eller | 08/21/08 7:04PM
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