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Making Money

I love the way that Bruce Sterling thinks. The rest of our heads are all full of warm fuzzy stuff that's meant to make us feel better, but he's got none of it. It's like he was raised by defective parents that always told him the truth.

So he's got some good ideas about why we haven't been contacted by alien races, and why folks doing really clever new stuff will never, ever be rich on the scale of stodgy financial houses:

Okay, you're a gaming guy and a creative guy. You develop games. Are you gonna be as rich as these bankers, even though they're playing inside your games, on platforms that you yourself developed? No, you're not. Because they are money managers and not creatives like you, and they are going to be much, much richer than you. They can easily buy you and maintain your adventure game as a kind of graphic front end, the way old-fashioned banks used to have some marble pillars in the front. Because they're willing to make money and you're not serious about it.

I love that. If you are anything other than a banker you are by definition not serious about making money, and the people who really want to make money are going to own your ass. They will buy and sell the company that has been your life's work, and get richer doing it than you will ever be. Accept that or get in the game and become a banker.

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