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Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving Weekend

I have so much to be thankful for this year. An amazing girlfriend, a wonderful family, and a new neice! On wednesday night I drove up to San Francisco where my sister and brother in law hosted a wonderful family Thanksgiving. The new baby was certainly the focus of attention, and is just a magical little girl. I can't wait to see what she gets up to in the lifetime ahead!

On the way up, I got my first listen to the new Guns & Roses album. There's no way that G&R could live up to the pent-up hopes of all the fans, so I'm giving it time to sink in. So far I'm digging everything up until "Street of Dreams", and after that I always feel the need to throw on the Use Your Illusion albums.

I also put on some Indigo Girls (yep, still a fan after all these years), and found that while the old favorites don't mean as much as they used to, I'm finally hearing the newer stuff. All That We Let In and Become You both rock, so I've downloaded Despite Our Differences, and can't wait to have a listen.

On Friday I headed back down the 5 to Simi to spend the weekend with my girlfriend. I did pause along the way for a short run near the highway. It was really nice to break up the long drive like that, and to get out in the weather a bit. It was cold and windy, but a light insulating layer and a wind jacket struck the perfect balance.

My girlfriend and I spent Friday night curled up with Battlestar Galactica, and on Saturday caught the Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In. (Highly recommended!)

And somewhere in the mix this weekend, I managed to clean my car, do four loads of laundry, vaccuum, clean and maintain my bike, and clear out a bunch of old junk from under the bathroom sink. This year I'm heading into the holidays with my act together.

And Christmas and New Year's eve/day plans are coming together beautifully. It's going to be a wonderful holiday season!

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very pretty, i can see why you stopped to run there...
It really was a good run. Long straightaway along the aquaduct, an open view of the farmlands (once I got away from the cluster of fast food restaurants). I was really tempted to check out some of the fire roads leading into the hills, but didn't have the time. Some other trip, maybe.
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