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You Can't, You Won't, and you Don't Stop

Too much going on to talk about. One thing after another, all of it vitally important. Some observations.


If "greening your routine" (reusable grocery bags, buying locally-grown organic produce, etc.) is on your radar, you're doing pretty well. There's a long list of stuff like, having a job that I can only assume you've got handled.


I once played "Marco Polo" with a group of kids from a different neighborhood. A difference in local rules led to me being "it". I tried explaining that I'd only ever played in my own neighborhood, where the rules were different. They said, "If you didn't know the rules, you should have asked." When I explained that, "I didn't know that I didn't know the rules," their brains melted trying to process that statement. I tried again: "I didn't ask because I thought I knew the rules." Again, they fell back to, "Well, you didn't know the rules, so you should have asked."

The moral to the story is: Always ask the rules.


In a day and age where web sites are "available twenty four hours a day", financial institutions still harbor (and enforce) quaint notions like "close of the business day". If I use my debit card at Starbucks, the transaction runs from the POS system out to MasterCard, then to my bank, and is posted online before I get back to my office. But anything else takes three to five business days.


You must empower the people around you to keep themselves safe. Never compromise on this. You owe it to the people around you to let them know when there is even a perceived risk.


Having learned, act.

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