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Transitions, Past Lives

Anthony Bourdain writes movingly of leaving once-cherished objects behind.

Two things occur to me in reading Bourdain's latest. First, he's one hell of a writer. I'm jealous. But only a little, because I know that his skill and his insight are hard-won, and I'll either choose to learn, or choose fewer regrets.

Second, his thoughts resonate because I'm in a transitional period in which I've distilled my posessions down to what I really need, so I can make plenty of room for what I really want. So my "cherished objects" aren't hidden away in closets any more. I live with them every day. My Birkenstocks, my Bear's Place mug, a Timbuktu messenger bag. A NOLS water bottle.

Slowly, I'm letting go of the relics of my past lives, and my life is filling with new precious things. Henri's favorite blanket. A menu from a restaurant downtown.

Readers' Comments

We are nowhere near where you are in this journey, but we are trying to pare down what we have. Amazing how strong those sentimental ties are. :)
Meagan | 09/16/09 5:49AM
I think I'm in a kind of bottleneck because space is so limited right now. Moving two people into a two-bedroom apartment is a bit of a squeeze.

In time, I'll accumulate as much stuff as I had before, and more.

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