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My wife and I just got back from a 10-day trip to Germany. I'm very happy to say that I avoided the brutal jetlag that's plagued me in the past. Here's the protocol:

  1. Eat very little on the plane. Healthy stuff. Just a snack for dinner. The goal is to be hungry for "breakfast."
  2. Sleep as much as possible. (I think I got 3 hours or so.) Wake at "breakfast time" for the destination.
  3. Eat breakfast. All of it. Lots of protein. Muffins/doughnuts/bagels suck. I had an omelette.
  4. Get as much sunlight as possible.
  5. Keep moving.
  6. Go to sleep at a "normal" time. I took 2mg of melatonin about 45 min. before bed time the first two days in Germany.

This worked really well. However:

  1. After about 5:00 PM local time, I'd become overwhelmingly sleepy if I stopped moving, or stopped talking to people.
  2. Around day 4 or 5, I got a solid 12-hour night of sleep, and this fixed the sleepiness problem for good.

So, I now have an anti-jetlag system I can use and tweak for next time.

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