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Chasing Seconds

Last night I took my last, best shot (for now) at climbing Johnson Fire Rd. in under thirty minutes. I finished just two seconds ahead of my previous PR, and fifty-five seconds short of achieving my goal.

But I'm going to let this project go because I don't want to chase seconds. I want to gain minutes. Johnson isn't my real quary. Bulldog isn't my real quary. Hell, Gridley isn't even my real quary.

What I'm really after is to cover 100 miles and 12,424 ft. of climbing on unfamiliar trail in under nine hours. Chasing seconds isn't going to make that happen.

Strength training, intervals, losing weight, these things will make me faster. Faster by minutes. And when you add up all those minutes...

(I've attached GPS data for Tammy Sadle's 2011 Leadville 100. She finished in 8:57:30, right at the pace I'm aiming for.)

Tammy Sadle's Leadville Performance 2011

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