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Stuck at 31:00

My last five rides up Johnson Fire Rd, in chronological order:

May 24, 20135.3mi/h30:56
Jun 12, 20135.3mi/h30:54
Jul 29, 20135.2mi/h32:04
Sep 22, 20135.2mi/h31:22
Oct 16, 20135.2mi/h31:05

I'm right there around 31:00, except for an off day on July 29. Last night (October 16), I had gained about 10 seconds on my PR pace (30:54), but lost thirty seconds in the last two minutes due to a pedal popping and subsequent lack of a final kick. (I'd cracked mentally before then, though.)

So, two take-aways. First, whatever training I'm doing isn't making me any faster. Second, I really need to replace my pedals with something more reliable. I'm so, so sick of that left pedal popping out at all the wrong moments. (And the last technical section of Johnson is definitely the wrong moment.)

I'm also very tempted to replace my 36-12 casette with a 32-11. Taller gearing closer together. Might help me find the sweet spot. I find I need that 36T less and less, and often have to pick between a gear that's slightly too spinny and one that's too tall.

But, in keeping with the notion that "the overwhelming factor in the performance of the bike is the rider", I'm upgrading myself first. I spend last month doing barbell complexes for the metabolic burn. Now it's time to go heavy and build strength.

Johnson - Rocky Peak Loop

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