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Cold Weather Wandering

Cold Weather Wandering

I was clearly fighting off a cold Thursday and Friday, but I woke up Saturday morning (after a long, long winter's nap) feeling great. So it was time to get out and do an easy, wandering bike ride.

The cold weather was fine with me. I wanted a chance to try some new clothing options. I went with a full-length base layer under thermal bib ¾-length shorts and a fitted soft shell jacket, a wool beanie, and some fleece-lined winter work gloves.

The results were mixed.

The nutshell is:

  • I need some new cold-weather cycling gloves.
  • ¾-length bib shorts aren't enough. I need full-length tights for temps under 50°.
  • Capilene is awesome, and a soft-shell jacket is awesome, but adding a fitted wind jacket to my collection might be good.
  • I need a fast-wicking base layer top. Nothing I have now does a good enough job keeping me dry.

So, I'll be keeping my eye out for deals, and trying to fix the few remaining holes in my bike clothing collection.

Cool Weather Wandering

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