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More Chilly Rides

More Chilly Rides

Over the last week or so, I've refined my cold weather riding system somewhat. I'm sure I could take it up a notch if I had all the fancy gear, but it's plenty fancy enough for me.

  • thermal ¾ bibs
  • stretch fit long-sleeved top
  • fitted soft shell jacket
  • warm gloves

I've (re) learned two things: the key to staying warm is staying dry. Layers keep you warm, but they impede wicking. So if you're going to be sweating, fewer layers is better.

I ordered two pairs of insulated cycling gloves. I used one pair on my ride on Wednesday night, and while my hands got a little cold, they never got really cold. The second pair arrives next week, and I'm looking forward to seeing whether those are warmer.

I've also learned that an attitude adjustment is in order for cold weather rides. I'm much happier generating consistent, moderate efforts than my usual warmup/climb/descend/collapse ritual. I'm starting to really grok why everyone seems to use the winter for "base miles" riding.

Cold Sunset Ride

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