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Planning the Next Strength Cycle

Planning the Next Strength Cycle

I'm starting to feel the benefits of the strength training, and I'm looking forward to starting the next round after the holidays, when I can rely on being able to lift twice a week.

The goal is another six weeks of strength work, but this time with some unliateral movement to make sure I'm keeping everything in balance, and to give cycling-specificity a nod.

Weeks 1-3

squatzercher squat
hingesingle-leg RDL
pullsingle-arm row
loaded carryfarmer walks
othertorture twist

It's a simple collection of basic strength exercises, all of which are new for this cycle to make sure my body doesn't get used to them.

Weeks 4-6

Since I saw a marked drop in performance gains starting at around week 3 of the last cycle, I'll put together a different set of exercises for weeks 4-6 of this cycle, and incorporate some power-building movements.

squatgoblet squat & box jump
hingekettle bell swings
pushdumbell press
pullstanding row
loaded carryrack position walks

That should keep me busy for a few weeks. Around the beginning of March should be prime time to take on some big new rides, and post new PRs on old favorites.

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