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2014: Body Composition

2014: Body Composition

According to my supposedly unreliable (yet astonishingly consistent) bathroom scale, my current body fat percentage is around 20%. That's a lot of fat to carry around. And I've been carrying it around for years. Time to leave it behind once and for all.

My target is 175# @ 12% body fat.

The good news is that this means I need to gain 6 lbs. of muscle.

Wait. What?

Yeah. To hit my target weight and composition, I need to gain muscle. Here are the numbers:

target fat Δfat muscle Δmuscle
185# @ 20% 37# - 148# -
180# @ 12% 21.6# ↓15.4# 158.4# ↑10.4#
175# @ 12% 21# ↓16# 154# ↑6#

So, again: hitting 180 lbs @ 12% body fat might actually be harder than hitting 175 @ 12%, since the main difference between the two states is ~5 lbs of muscle. I personally have an easier time gaining muscle than I do losing fat. But it's time to make it happen. It's never going to be easier than it is right now. And it might never be this easy again.

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