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2014: Training Plan

2014: Training Plan

When I sat down last night to sketch out my on-bike training, I realized my whole training plan for January through March needed a complete rethink.

Back in November, I really wanted to focus on performance goals, rather than stuff like body composition. But I've come to realize that body composition matters to me, and will pay dividends for the rest of my life if I get it handled now.

So, the goals for 2014, in priority order:

  1. 175 lbs. @ 12% body fat
  2. 10% improvement in on-bike power output

So I tossed out my weight training plan, and sat down to put together a weight loss plan that will get me where I want to go.

I want to build muscle and lose fat. So it's complexes and farmer walks. And I'm going try kettle bell swings, because Dan John says I should. From Intervention:

I made a goal of 250 swings a day one month and everybody asked me about my diet. It was awful and I ate and drank too much, but I started looking pretty good from that little project of 250s.

With a general weight training plan in place, I sat down with Chris Charmichael's The Time-Crunched Cyclist to figure out the metabolic/bike side. The lightest program still requires 6-8 hours of riding each week, which simply isn't going to happen. So I started whittling.

I have time for 4 45-min. rides a week, and the occasional 2- to 3-hour weekend ride. I'm going to make them count.

I thought about trying to integrate my weight training with my cycling, so that it all works together, but the result was a scheduling train wreck. As the TCTP scales up, it moves workouts from alternating days to successive days and back again. So finding three perfect opportunities each week to hit the weights is... problematic.

So, I'm going to totally ignore the cycling schedule and just do my weights like clockwork three days a week. I'm going to be very conservative about the intensity, and hope that the reduced cycling volume (relative to both the textbook TCTP, and my usual routine) will give my body a chance to recover from everything.

Essentially, what this program boils down to is three 45-min. cycling workouts and three 30-min weight workouts each week. I can handle that.

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