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Wandering Lunch

Wandering Lunch

I had a fun time just spinning around simi on my mountain bike, checking out odd trails and roads and exploring to see where things go. The weather was just perfect. Overcast and cool, but warm enough for just shorts & a jersey as long as I kept moving. Short, fun ride, then home to finish the work day.

Lunchtime Wandering

I've been following every ride this week with stretching as well as my chocolate milk, L-glut, & BCAA combination. I'm watching my training metrics, avoiding overreaching, recovering well, and seeing some encouraging results. I feel like I'm keeping my act together pretty well for the first time in a while.

I have three goals that I wanted to hit before December 7, but I'm starting to realize that hitting all of them might take more focus than I'm willing to give. I picked the 7th as my target date so I'd be done before the holidays really kick in. Trying to keep a predictable training schedule through December is a recipe for frustration.

So, I'll try for Bulldog in 40:00 on Sunday, and see what happens after that.

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