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Sandstone Hills, Hidden Meadows

Sandstone Hills, Hidden Meadows

I started this ride three times. The first time, I went back for a jacket. The second time, I got up the switchbacks before realizing I'd left my phone in the car. I finally had my act together the third time.

The sun was setting, and on my way up Hidden Meadows I pulled over to let some hikers pass. They were friendly, and when they heard I was headed for Lang Ranch, one said, "I hope it stays light!" I answered, "Me too!" and headed off chuckling: I guessed it would only take me 20 minutes to get back to my car, so I had plenty of daylight. One of my favorite things about mountain biking is how much territory you can cover.

Hidden Meadows Loop

This was my first spin on my new Maxxis Ikon 3C TR tires. I ordered them back in December after giving up on my old tires, and then they sat in my garage while I dealt with my pinched nerves and got back in shape. And once I started riding again, I just wanted to squeeze as many rides out of my old tires as I could. But they only held pressure long enough for a 90-minute ride or so, and I've pushed my luck far enough. This week it was time to either dump more sealant into the old tires, or put the new ones on and be done dealing with this.

The Ikons felt a little stiff, but I had the pressure up around 27lbs. I'll go lower next time.

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