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North American Cutoff

North American Cutoff

I was planning on doing a weird loop up Stagecoach and around N. American Cutoff. But Stagecoach was totally overgrown, and some lunatic built a wall across N. Amercan Cutoff.

I dug up something years ago indicating that the local parks district owned an easement guaranteeing trail access between Rocky Peak Park and Sage Ranch Park. Oh well. I guess nobody told the guy who put up the wall.

My new tires felt a little stiff on my last ride, so I set them a bit lower this time: 23r/20f. Perfect. I might find that 25/22 rolls slightly faster, but last night felt smooth and grippy. Just awesome.

And especially if I'm going to take a stab at Johnson in 30, I'll want a little more cush.

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