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Odds and Ends, Regrouping

Odds and Ends, Regrouping

The State of Things

It's been a very busy few weeks. Zero structured riding. Just getting out when I can. And that's enough. I push as hard as I feel like, switching up the efforts.


After a six-month layoff, I headed up Bulldog a while back to see where I stand. Final time: 46:01. But if you cut out the 5:30 or so I spent answering email, that puts me at about 40:30. I'm happy with that, considering I haven't done a climb that big in months.

Combine that with a matching my PR on Johnson, and I really think I'm as strong as ever. So it's time to get back to fundamentals and rebuild from there.


I really feel like it's time to get back to barbell work. It'll help with my shoulder rehab, and help make me more durable generally, and help me build the legs I need if I'm going to hit my goals for the next couple of years.


The Ikons (2.2'') tires I'm using are just a hair wider than the Continental X-Kings (2.1'') I had before, and now I remember why I picked the 2.1'' tires: in high-torque situations, my frame distorts juuuust enough that my front derailleur rubs against the side of my rear tire.

I tightened the lower limit screw on my front derailleur just a hair, and squeezed out another 2-3mm of clearance, but it's not enough.

I'm not sure whether to be pleased that I'm outgrowing my current frame, or pissed off that a (then) top-of-the-line Giant hardtail frame is floppy enough that little ol' me can make the tail wag.

There are solutions, all tiresome and expensive.

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