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Riding When I Can

Crazy coincidence: I've done the climb up the end of Lobo Cyn. exactly twice. The first was July 9, 2013. And the second was yesterday, July 10, 2015. Almost exactly two years apart.

Not much riding lately. Occupied with life and the ongoing crazy therein.

Lobo Cyn

The local bike shop fixed my rubbing rear wheel. The tech put a spacer on the drive side of my cranks, which translates to just enough clearance to keep the wheel from rubbing... we think. Pantachaeta has a couple of short, steep sections that would have made a good test, but I ran out of time.

So, naturally, I'll be forced to go back today and make sure to hit those sections.

I'm happy to have my bike back in rideable shape. But it just bugs me having that spacer in there. It offends my sense of elegant problem solving.

I keep thinking about switching to a 2x9 setup, but that would require a 9-speed Deore double crankset, which I'm not sure exists any more, and a new front derailleur if I'm going to be sure it'll all work. So, honestly, I'll keep my current drive train until I can either get a whole new bike, or put together the cash for a whole new group.

And that new bike option is looking better and better. I've been wanting to replace my brakes for a while, and my current troubles are rooted in a frame with a rear triangle that's too floppy. Throw in an obsolescing drive train, and it might just make sense to get into a new bike and sell the one I have.

But not now. For now, I'm happy with what I have, and I'll ride it until the wheels fall off. I'll be happy to get another couple years out of it, but it's time to start socking a little money away.

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