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More Maintenance

Two flat tires on my mountain bike means it's time for fresh Stan's. Front tire is golden. Rear, not so much. Tried to get it rolling again, but the valve seal was leaking. Cleaned it up, re-seated it. Nope. Gooped it up with sealant. Nope. So it went to the shop for new rim tape and valve.

And, it seems that this might be necessary soon for the front wheel as well. In the interest of self-sufficiency, I'm planning on swapping out the tape & valve myself. I'm ordering the necessary supplies (rim tape and new valves), and when the seal on the front tire goes south, it'll be time.

This is stressing me more than usual, partly because it's compounding some unrelated frustration this morning, and partly because until that rear tire is holding air again, both bikes are out of order.

I'm just trying to reestablish some sense of normal. New clothes are on the way, as well as a fresh supply of krill oil to replace the horrible giant fish oil gels that I've been taking, the dogs are healthy, etc.

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