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Bulgarian Split Squats & Weir Canyon

Saturday's Workout

I was pressed for time on Saturday, but squeezed in a quick 20-minute workout:

3 Rounds:

  1. kb swing x 20 @ 35#
  2. Bulgarian split squat x 20 @ 35# (10 each leg)
  3. knee push-up x 15
  4. walking lunge x 20 @ BW
  5. leg lift x 20

In the last year or so, I've noticed that my gluteus medius seems to be getting overworked on big climbs like Mesa Peak and Bulldog. Simply doing more climbing has helped, but I think the Bulgarian split squat will really put any potential issues to bed. It's a perfect complement to the goblet squat, and it'll be a regular part of my workouts from now on.

And the push-ups are coming along. I'm following the plan from Convict Conditioning. When I can do 3 x 30 knee push-ups, I'll switch to full push-ups (3 x 5 or so) and build from there.

Tuesday's Ride: Weir Canyon Loop

I'm still a touch sore from Saturday's Bulgarian split squats, but an easy spin Monday helped, and I wanted to get out today for something short and punchy.

Weir Canyon was perfect. It's a really fun loop that works the legs and the technique. Today was one of those strange days where I felt like I was dragging, but Strava shows I was ahead of PR pace from the jump, and kept building my lead.

Alas, no official PR for me today: I decided to follow the "New Weir Canyon Trail" fork on the return leg, which cost me about 30 seconds or so, and ultimately put me behind my PR by 15 seconds or so.

At some point I'll do the canonical route and see how it goes, but I'm not going to sweat it too much.

Weir Canyon Loop ("New" Weir Re-Route)

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