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Where'd all this mud come from?

Where'd all this mud come from?

I set out last night after work to ride the course for the upcoming race in Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Unfortunately, I radically underestimated how much rain we got on Monday night and Tuesday morning. I hoped that once I got into Santiago Oaks proper the mud would subside, but a quick chat with a couple guys coming out of Oaks made it clear that all the trails were in terrible shape, and trying to ride them would only damage the trails and my bike.

Today, I saught to rectify that thoroughly unsatisfying ride with a lunchtime spin in Paramouont Ranch. The trails were slighly damp, but totally rideable, and I had a great time.

I was aiming to do the Coyote Ridge "roller coaster" trail that I did on Friday, but managed to make a couple of wrong turns that led me off-track and slowed me down. But really I just wanted to burn out my legs, go fast, and have fun, and I did that.

Exploring Paramount Ranch

Muddy Irvine

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