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Aborted Ride

I took another shot at pre-riding the Oaks race course last night. Unfortunately, I ended up with a ridiculously tight time frame to do that. I had 90 minutes to drive out to the park, ride, and get home for dinner.

My goal was to recon Chutes Ridgeline. I'm comfy on stuff like Chumash Trail and Dead Cow, so I'm not worried about whether I can do the trail. I just don't want to ride it the first time during a race.

I suited up, drove out to the park, realized that I'd have to park closer to either Goat or Chutes if I wanted time to descend Chutes Ridgeline, tried to find another place to park, and finally accepted that 90 minutes had never been enough time, and I was either going to skip the ride, or miss dinner with my wife.

So I mentaly logged Thursday as a "rest day", and headed home for dinner.

But I have the best wife ever, who, upon hearing that I didn't get to ride at all, insisted that I join Saturday's official pre-ride of the course.

So that's the plan. And if Chutes Ridgeline scares me, I'll just downgrade myself to beginner class and descend the Chutes trail, which is typically known as the "climbing route" up the ridge, and which I'm not at all concerned about riding. I can sight read that no problem.

But I'm looking at dropper seatposts.

OC Classic Santiago Oaks Course (Approximate)

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