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Training Progress, Random Thoughts

Training Progress, Random Thoughts

First things first. Tim Ferris's podcast with Jocko Willink is amazing stuff. Well worth your time. That dude is utterly not f*cking around.

Yesterday was rough for various reasons, and last night was better, but not a lot. Bad sleep on Sunday night, and far too little sleep Tuesday. I had every reason to call today my too pooped to pop day.

But listening to Jocko reminded me that life is short, and that come race day it won't matter why I'm weak and slow. I'll just be weak and slow. So I got my act together and did my afternoon workout.

So, here's the current incarnation of this workout:

3 rounds:

  1. Bulgarian split squat x 20 (10 each side) @ 35#
  2. knee push-up x 20
  3. Russian twist x 30

Then: Foundation Training Low Back Workout.

Back in mid-August, the Bulgarian split squats were tough work. Now my legs have adjusted, and I'm cranking out the reps without much trouble. (Just a bit wobbly on the last set.) Time to get myself a bigger kettlebell.

My next race is November 14. So as of November 1, I'll drop the gym stuff and focus on bike rides. Resistance training makes me sooooo sloooooow, and racing while slow is for sad people. And I, Sir, am happy.

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