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Evidence of Progress

Evidence of Progress

It's a shame when your favorite gloves start to wear out. Finding new ones is always so hard.

I've settled into my typical rhythm of working out if/when I can, and it's been working well. I was taking 5-6 days to recovery from my gym workouts, so I dialed them back a bit. Now I'm feeling about 70% recovered after one rest day, and 100% after two, which is right where I want to be.

The confirmation is in how I feel on rest days: fatigued, but with lots of energy.

The current "gym workout":


Ideally, I get on the elliptical trainer and take about 2-3 minutes to bring my heart rate up to 140 BPM or so, and then keep it there for 5 min.

3 rounds:

  1. Bulgarian split squat x 20 (10 each leg) @ 35#
  2. knee push-up x 20
  3. Russian twist x 30 @ 35#

Foundation Training:

I finish with the Foundation Training Low Back Workout video and some stretching.

On the bike, I've been bouncing between a few regular rides, all under 60 minutes. If I'm fresh, I pick something that'll take an hour, with 1,500 of climbing or so, and I push the tempo. If I'm feeling not-so-fresh, I keep the climbing under 1,000 ft. And if I'm tired, I rest.

Part of keeping all this in balance is being able to feel how much I'm really up for. The training I did last fall really helped me develop a feel for knowing when to rest and be patient.

I've stacked up a great training week. Two solid rides, and two gym sessions that felt the best they ever have. I'll rock this rhythm for another week or two, then race on Nov. 14.

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