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Maximum Strength!

Maximum Strength!

The transition week is done, and felt good. I'm recovered and ready to start the "Maximum Strength" block. In planning the next few weeks, it occurred to me that I genuinely don't know how to go about weight training without a spreadsheet.

The bikes got a little love this weekend. My mountain bike got a head-to-toe cleaning, including getting the dirt out from under the grips. I also re-wrapped the bar tape on my road bike to fix a gap under the lever. In the process, I learned a better way to wrap. (See the video, above.)

The biggest win, though, was making real progress clearing out the garage. There is no longer a giant stack of storage bins in the middle of the garage, and all the old paint got recycled. The goal was to have the entire floor of the garage clear. I didn't quite get there, but it's vastly improved. Plenty of space to move around now, and one day, we may even get to park in there.

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