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Loops Within Loops

Loops Within Loops

I took my mountain bike out for a lunchtime ride a while back, and fully realized how long it's been since I'd ridden it. I was pretty seriously rusty. No line control, no balance, and climbing the steeps had my front wheel wandering all over and me wasting energy just trying to keep my balance.

Since then I've tried as much as I can to flip the usual routine, and train on my mountain bike whenever possible. It's paying off. I'm more sure-footed, and power comes easier.

And I've been using the braided Chutes Trail and Chutes Ridgeline to alternate climbing and downhill repeats, which has been great. I cannot overstate the value of doing a tough downhill section several times in succession in building comfort and confidence.

Today, I did several climbing intervals, and a few repeats of the lower section of Chutes Ridgeline, then climbed to the top and descended all but the rocky section at the very top of Chutes Ridgeline. I'm totally no longer nervous about doing any of it except that top section.

Nothing demystifies a chunky downhill like being able to climb up it, so that's the plan. Next time I'm at Santiago Oaks, I'll spend some time climbing up that rocky section until rolling down just seems like the easy way.

Chutes Climbs & Descents

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