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Final Prep: Whiting Ranch Time Trial

The Whiting Ranch Time Trial is coming up on Saturday, which makes this my week to rest up.

But this cycle is a bit weird. I was on vacation last week, so I stacked up two weeks of lots of riding before heading out of town, and used the time off to rest & recover from that. (My wife and I tend to do lots of walking when we're abroad, so I got plenty of "active rest" activity, which is awesome.)

I got out at lunchtime today to wake up the legs after a week off. I'm sure jetlag and general travel weariness played a role, but... damn. That hurt more than I thought it would.

I warmed up, then did a few little repeats of a steep 90-second hill just to get the legs and lungs fully humming, then cruised out to the burrito place and back to work.

I've been here before. Whenever I push hard enough to need a back-off week (or two), I feel sluggish and tired for a while. It usually takes a short, hard effort to wake everthing back up and get me cranking again.

The plan is to get back in the groove with something short & sharp tomorrow, then do an easy spin on Thursday just to keep the legs loose for Saturday.

So... goals for the race.

The plan is to keep my HR under 170 on Dreaded Hill so that I have something left for the climb up Vulture View. I can pin it up the last bit of that, and then there's a short flat where I can recover a bit before the downhill.

And then it's all downhill. My goal here is just to ride smoothly and under control and carry speed through the corners. I've been working on my skills, and I want to focus on applying them under pressure.

I've looked at last year's results, and know that a podium finish is really unlikely, so I'm just going to aim for a smart & smooth mid-pack finish.

Final Prep: Whiting Ranch Time Trial

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