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Non Dot O.C. Classic #1: Whiting Ranch Time Trial

Non Dot O.C. Classic #1: Whiting Ranch Time Trial

Saturday's Whiting Ranch Time Trial did not go well for me.

I skinned my knee in a stupid low-speed tip-over while warming up. And then my freehub started grinding a couple minutes up Dreaded Hill. I called it at the second turn, babied it back to the finish line, let the timing crew know to mark me DNF, and headed for home.

The irony is that a new freehub was literally in the mail. I ordered it last week. Oh well. Live and learn: I have too much time and effort invested to let worn gear torpedo my race day.

I'm trying to learn as much as I can from what little time I did spend in the saddle. The nutshell: I went out too hot.

I hit the bottom of Dreaded with my heart rate already around 170, which didn't leave a lot of room to step up my effort, and once I started the climb, my HR rose to around 177 and stayed there, no matter how much I backed off.

In the end, I topped my exploratory, easy-pace time to the first turn by just 3 seconds, at a HR about 10 BPM highter.

Not a bad way to spend a morning, and I learned a bit (and will learn even more when I put my new freehub on), and it was pretty cool hanging out for a bit and cheering on the other riders coming up Dreaded.

And this afternoon, after I'd had a chance to clean up and relax a little, the new freehub arrived in the mail.

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