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Training in the Morning

Traffic was light on Tuesday morning, and I ended up with time to ride before work. I usually squeeze all my riding into my lunch breaks, so I just couldn't resist a chance to check out a new loop knowing I had plenty of time before I had to be at the office.

And I've been thinking about something from Dan John's Never Let Go, about the year discus thrower John Powell failed to make the finals at the Track and Field World Championships:

The discus trials were at nine in the morning. Powell had never trained to throw at nine in the morning - not ever. He thought he could just walk out and throw the qualifying distance. He learned after the competition it took him a lot of time in the morning to get the snap he had in the mid-afternoon.

In other words: Train under the conditions you expect to compete under. The hour, the environmental conditions, the food, everything.

I had no trouble waking up the legs for Santiago or Caspers. But those were warm, summer mornings. Temps for the Whiting Ranch Time Trial were in the 50's, and I just couldn't quite get fired up.

I don't expect the weather at Aliso to be much warmer. So it's time to get used to riding hard on chilly mornings.

And I don't like the way I felt on Dreaded Hill. I just think it's been too long since I've done any sustained climbing at my limit. I've said for a while: The hardest thing you do will always feel hard. For a while, little 3-minute intervals at 165 BPM have been the hardest thing I've done.

Time to re-learn to climb into the pain cave and live there for a while. I'm planning to climb Bulldog a couple of times in the next few weeks.

Training in the Morning

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