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Riding the Aliso Course

Training Changes

After the race at Whiting Ranch I resolved to change up my training. So I've been riding in the morning regularly, and I've reestablished climbs as the central training component of my rides.

That's gone really well. I feel stronger, and my times up the Edison climb from Las Virgenes are steadily improving.

Aliso Pre-Ride

I pre-rode the 2016 Aliso Course on Sunday. (I started from the trailhead off Canyon Vista and rode to the actual start of the race course off Alicia Pkwy, so there's a warmup and cool-down included in the GPS map.) Great course, perfect day, and lots of friendly people. Can't wait to get out there on a closed course and let the bike run.

I worried that it might be too much in one week, but decided not to miss the chance to pre-ride. (Good call: the official pre-ride has now been cancelled due to rain in the forecast.)

Recovery Follow-Through

After Aliso, I ate a great lunch, drank lots of water, and spent the afternoon watching movies from the floor. I sat, I knelt, I rolled around and stretched and even stood for a while.

I originally got the idea from Katy Bowman on the Joe Rogan Experience.

I had worried that it might take me more than a week to completely recover after climbing Bulldog on Wednesday, but I came around pretty quickly, felt good on Sunday, and felt great on my new regular loop in Cheeseboro this morning.

So I'll follow through on making this week a back-off week (low volume, high intensity), and get ready to climb Bulldog again next week.

2016 Aliso Course

Las Virgenes Edison Loop

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