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Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather

I've been making the most of my remaining time working in Agoura, making sure I do all my favorite rides while I still can.

Last Monday, I did my favorite lunchtime dirt loop out through Malibu Creek State Park, and was treated to an up-close bobcat sighting along the Grasslands trail.

Wednesday, I did a section of the Millennium Loop that I've only ridden a few times. I'm really tempted to take some time next Friday to ride the full Millennium Loop.

And yesterday I took another stab at posting a new PR on Bulldog. Unfortunately, I knew about 20 minutes in that I wasn't going to make it. My average speed was 0.1 mph slower than it needed to be, and it was only going to get slower from there. But I decided to fight the good fight, and at least get under 40 minutes. But that got away from me, too. Final time: 41:11, almost exactly the same as my last ride up Bulldog, 41:06.

I have fought battles like this before, and I haven't figured out how to win.

My general strategy for the summer: get my weight under 175 lbs, and get in the gym to build peak power output and muscular endurance.


Millenium & De Anza

Dirt Loop

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