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Been Riding

Been Riding

Starting a new job is kind of like the first few weeks of a new semester as a student: there's no technical reason that starting classes should vaccuum up all your time, but it happens anyway.

I haven't been riding as much as I'd like, or in as many places as I'd like, but I've been riding enough. There's nothing subtle about the lesson from Aliso: I need to get faster across the board. So the general plan is to do a six-week hypertrophy cycle, then work muscular endurance for another six weeks. Rides will focus on force production when I'm fresh, and skills work when I'm not.

I did my first clean run down Peralta Hills on Wednesday, which feels good. And I've been forcing myself up a gear on the climbs, trading actual speed for some work on force production.

But the real adjustment that needs to happen is to get back in the weight room. So that's what I'm doing. Yesterday was a "back to basics" day:

  • deadlift 3 x 12 @ 135#
  • push-up x 8 @ BW
  • bent row x 12 @ 65#
  • Russian twist x 20 @ 25#
  • leg lift x 20 @ BW

Today, I'm sore, which is testament to how much I need to get back in the weight room regularly. I've let it slide since February, so it's been nearly four months since I did any real lifting. It shows.

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