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Catching Up

Catching Up

We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.


Lots going on. Training, healing, tinkering, planning.

30 Min. of Coal Canyon

Training for Caspers

It isn't fun to inhale a bunch of dust and spend 1:40 grinding out a back-of-the-pack finish. I had to grow considerably as a rider to achieve that result, but on some level it still feels disappointing.

In short, my hopes exceeded my training.

So I'm getting back to what works: short workouts that do not interfere with my on-bike training. Back then I called them mini workouts, but they're not that small, really.

  • kb swing 3 x 20 @ 35#
  • kb swing 3 x 20 @ 50#
  • 1-arm kb swing 3 x 20 @ 35#
  • Bulgarian split squat 3 x 40 @ 35# (20 each leg)
  • knee push-up 3 x 24 (shoulder & chest prehab/rehab)
  • Turkish get-up x 10 @ 50#

And I'm returning to what got my Bulldog time under 40 minutes: Three rides/wk, as follows:

  1. Warm up, work hard for 30 minutes (or accumulate 30 min. of interval work), then cool down and go home. (~2000ft)
  2. 1hr recovery ride. (~500ft)
  3. Moderate ride with a few short, punchy climbs and one moderate climb of no more than 10 min. (~1500ft)

My little goal is to get Coachwhip in under 9:00. That's 6.7 mph for 0.9 miles, 400ft of climbing, for a VAM of just over 800. I did Bulldog with a VAM of 790. I should be able to hold 800 for a quarter of the time.

Poison Oak

All that was off to a decent start, but then I got hit with a nasty case of poison oak on my left shin and calf. I'm also having a systemic allergic reaction: swollen feet and hands, and itching in areas untouched by the actual plant. I'm taking medication to get that under control, and around mid-week this week (when the swelling really kicked in), I decided to just take whatever time my body needs to get back on track. So I was off the bike basically all last week.

I rode on Monday and felt okay, but life stuff has kept me off the trails since then, and will probably keep me off the bike this weekend, too. So... yeah. Two weeks no training. No bueno.

Mountain Bike Maintenance: New Chain

I busted my KMC chain trying to switch gears while cranking up a punchy rise on Deer. Amazon was too slow, so I replaced it with the Shimano I had on a shelf. So far, it seems like the Shimano is just slightly smoother. But I love the missing link setup on the KKC, so I might just go ahead and pop the "master link" on the Shimano and replace it with a KMC missing link and see how that stands up.

Might be genius. Might be deeply unwise. One way to find out.

Road Bike Maintenance

A friend has invited me to join him in breaking in his new bike, so we're going to do a road ride sometime in the next few weeks. That gave me all the excuse I needed to show my road bike some love.

My 2006 Giant OCR1 has been stellar. I rarely do any maintenance on it, and it's been solid through years of steady work. (Shimano 105 group.) But for a while now, it's needed some attention. Nothing major. Just basic cleaning and maintenance.

So I started out intending to just replace the chain and shifter cables, but once I'd gone that far it seemed like a good idea to get the rear derailleur cleaned out. And then I finally just decided to pull the cassette apart and give it a deep cleaning.

Now it's looking shiny and I can't wait to take it for a shake-out ride.

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