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Recovering Wrong

Recovering Wrong

Every once in a while I wonder if all my little recovery rituals do anything. And then I screw up and skip all of them, and I'm left feeling like an old man after a ride.

So here's my current protocol:

Nightly, with dinner:

  • 3 capsules krill oil
  • 1000 IU vitamin D
  • 1 standard multivitamin. (I like Nature's Blend Totalday, but it's hard to find.)

During the Ride:

Immediately Post-Ride:

If (and only if) I eat a full meal within 30 minutes of finishing my ride, I can skip the BCAA/L-Glut.

Last week, I skipped the vitamins/krill oil most nights, then went for a ride on Friday and forgot to take a water bottle, and so had nothing to drink while on the ride, and no way to wash down the BCAA/L-Glut. And I didn't end up eating dinner until about 90 minutes after finishing my ride.

Put all that together, and a moderate one-hour ride that should have felt great felt harder than usual, and two days later, I'm still slightly sore.

Aging sucks. Solid preventative maintainance and recovery practices are key.

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