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Lunchtime Workouts: Displaying Some Adaptability

Lunchtime Workouts: Displaying Some Adaptability

I want to remove the impediments to lunchtime workouts. We don't have a shower, so I need some way to feel & smell fresh after getting a bit sweaty. I've pieced together advice from various sources online, and decided to start with the following and see what works:

  1. Rinse hair with water bottle at end of workout.
  2. Locate somewhere private. (One-seat restroom is ideal.)
  3. If there's dirt/grime, scrub off with wet wash cloth.
  4. Clean off sweat with disposable wash cloths. (Basically giant baby wipes.)
  5. Towel dry.
  6. Apply deoderant.

I've done two lunchtime workouts so far (bike & run), and this seems to work reasonably well. It's not perfect, but it's good.

I plan on experimenting with different workouts to see what works. Jump rope, inline skates, running, biking, and kettlebells are all on the table.

I think the general goals are simple:

  • Frequency: 3-4 days a week, minimum. 5 days a week is optimum. 7 is ideal.
  • Intensity: I need my heart rate to hit 170+. Ideally, 180+. That will help me maintain my aerobic top end.
  • Time: 20 min at minimum, 40 optimum.
  • Type: I don't care. Everything's on the table. Barbell, kettlebell, jump rope, inline skating, running, even cycling. Whatever I can make time for.

I need to consistently hit my top-end output:

  • aerobic capacity: (HR should stay above 120 BPM, and hit 170-180+ for a total of 5+ min.)
  • strength: move something heavy in all 5 of Dan John's fundamental movements: push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry, and TGU/other.
  • power: lots of force, fast. Cleans & swings.
  • stamina: do sets in the 20+ reps range. Especialy full-body movements like thrusters.

Off/rest day activity means warmup & 20m stretching/rolling.

I will, obviously, post results here.

The office is close to several old, closed railroad rights-of-way. I'm very curious to explore a little on my mountain bike and see if I can put together a loop that relies mostly on dirt.

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