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Lunchtime Workouts

Lunchtime Workouts

I have a new baby daughter at home, a wife I adore, a demanding full-time job, and no gym membership. The office where I work doesn't have a shower. And yet I logged four solid workouts last week.

So yeah. This is going way, way better than I expected. So many people (and training programs) ask, "How much do I have to train to achieve my goal?" I think it's far more effective to ask, "What can I accomplish in the time I have?"

In a more general sense, the key lies in asking not, "Where can I find what I want?" but rather, "What can I do with what I have?"

I have 30-40 minutes a day, and easy access to a bike path along a huge concrete flood control channel. I'm determined to make the most of those resources.


Running has been unexpectedly nice. I like the simplicity of it. I like that I can get a solid workout in 20 minutes, and I like that I've gotten a chance to break out some of my favorite gear and get out and about in some beautiful, but chilly, weather.


My cycling plan is to look again at some of the concepts from the Time-Crunched Training Protocol and see what I can use. Intervals are pretty much the textbook example of how to make the most of limited training time.

I'd initially worried that having only a straight, flat bike path to ride on would hamper my training. Certainly, I expect my climbing to suffer a bit. But I'm pleased that I get to attack a major weakness of mine: flats. (And, I suspect, a general tendency to fade as hard efforts continue.) This also gives me a chance to work on my pedaling technique.


A heavy kettlebell is bascally a portable gym. I bring my 50# with me and work out in the park a couple blocks from the office. It takes about 45 minutes, including the drive to/from the park.

Inline Skates

Skates are perfect for long, flat bike paths. And there's reason to believe that skating is excellent training for cycling. Honestly, though, skating is the bottom item on the priority list at the moment. Once fair weather lines up with a "rest day", I'll lace up my skates and get out there.


We don't have showers at work. So I've been doing the cleanup routine that I cobbled together from various bits of advice I found online. It seems to work well.

  1. Dry off sweat with clean towell
  2. Clean up with disposable wash cloths
  3. Splash water on my face & hair, dry with paper towel.
  4. Refresh hair gel, apply deoderant, etc.

I've asked a couple friends at work to give me a heads-up if I'm ever... not so fresh. So far, so good.

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