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Trying Something Crazy

Trying Something Crazy

I remembered something I heard a while back (from Pavel Tsatsouline, maybe?) about how old-school Russian power and Olympic lifters never did the whole set/rep arrangements that the Americans did. They'd just do another set whenever they felt like it. One set, done. A few hours later they'd feel fresh again. Another set.

Given that I'm hitting a whole new level of being crunched for time (new baby at home, and work is kicking my ass), I'm willing to try new things in order to work everything into my schedule.

So, I've picked the following movements:

  • 1-arm KB swing x 20 @ 50#
  • 1-arm KB snatch x 20 @ 35#
  • push-up x 8 @ BW
  • 1-arm KB clean & press x 10 @ 50#
  • Turkish get-up x 2 @ 50#

I'm trying to accumulate 7-10 sets of each every week. I have a little app on my phone that counts things, and I'm using it to for this. (It currently tells me I'm totally slacking on the TGU's for instance.)

That lets me use my lunchtimes for stuff that actually requires a continuous block: cycling & general cardio.

I've been doing a hyper-condensed version of Steady Effort Power Interval workout from The Time-Crunched Cyclist:

  • 10-15min @ 140bpm, 90rpm
  • 5 work intervals:
    • 2min @ 170+bpm, 90+rpm
    • 3min rest @ 140bpm, 90rpm

I'll steadily reduce the rest between intervals, increase the number of work intervals, etc. until I max out my use of the time I have.

All of this is going really well. I've accumulated more than 3:30 of saddle time this week, and I've got 3-5 sets of everything except the TGUs. I finished out the remaining sets over the weekend (except the TGUS... totally slacking on those and I start again today.

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