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More Chino Hills State Park

More Chino Hills State Park

I got the chance to explore a little more of Chino Hills State park last week. I think my recent experiences on new trails made me cocky. I should have done more research, and found this loop. (I'd have shortened it, but still.)

The riding was mostly on fire roads. What little singletrack I did find was in really rough shape. And the heat & unfamiliar territory made the Bobcat Ridge climb (570', 1.7 mi) feel far harder than it really is. (Before I saw the numbers, I'd have compared it to the second half of Bulldog. Now that seems laughable.)

But the views from the ridgeline look south over the 91 Freeway toward Coal Cyn, and east over Yorba Linda & Brea, and if you squint a little I feels a lot like the Rocky Peak Fire Road above Simi Valley. There are definitely times I'm homesick for that mountain.

Chino Hills State Park

First Loop in Chino Hills State Park

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