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Self-Coaching: Week 1

Self-Coaching: Week 1

A little more than a week ago, I set out a few changes I wanted to make to improve my fitness and overall health. (Including mental health.)

Setting out goals is fun. Most people find measuring progress to be less fun. But for me, measuring progress is maybe the most fun part of all.

Embrace your own weirdness, people. I'm tellin' ya. Good for the soul.

Okay, so how did I do?

Plan on racing next year.

Check. But next year was too far away, and too high-stakes. So I'm going to try to do one of the Over the Hump races next month.

Weight training should focus on the basics.

Check. I avoided over-tinkering and concentrated on consistency and on primary movements.

Twice a week, work on mobility.

Check. I did a really good mobility/stretching workout last weekend, and some mellow stretching here and there during the week.

Do some no-hands Turkish get-up variations.

Check. Done during last weekend's mobility workout.

Stretch out the lunch loop this week.

Double-check. Streamlined my desk-to-bike transition and extended the road loop by about a mile, and even found a little backyard trail loop where I can maybe do a couple of laps once in a while.

Bring lunch from home.

Nope. I've been bad. Gotta change this. That said, the quality of my lunches has been good. Grilled chicken breast sandwiches with veggies, mostly.

Overall: B+

Down a grade for not bringing lunch, but back up a tick for finding some dirt trails.

Goals for Next Week

  • Maintain rhythm with gym workouts & rides. Steady as she goes.
  • Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.
  • Register for an Over the Hump race in August.
  • Bring my lunch to work.

If I do all of that, I'll be well on my way.

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