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Self-Coaching: Week 2

Self-Coaching: Week 2

Checking in on last week's goals:

Maintain rhythm with gym workouts & rides.

Check. And I even did plenty of stretching this week.

I've also started doing deadlifts at home to supplement my work in the company gym. There's simply no substitute for the fundamentals.

Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.

Check. I've been good.

Register for an Over the Hump race in August.

Check. Racing August 15.

Bring my lunch to work.

This was the one that needed to change the most, and I changed it. Brought lunch three days out of five. Far better this week than last week.

Weigh-In: 182.2 lbs. (Progress!)

Overall: A

Pretty much kept it together this week.

Goals for Next Week:

New goals: same as the old goals. If I can keep up this routine, I'll be doing fine. I feel like this part of my life is as together as I need it to be.

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