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Race Prep

I'm not training because I'm trying to do well in this race. It's kind of the other way around. I'm racing so that I have the motivation to stay focused on training.

So I'm not expecting much. But I just can't help myself. I like having some goals. That's kind of the fun part for me.

Digging into past race results and a bit of Strava stalking turned up plenty of good info. So I have a couple of goals.

  • Line up early, start strong, and hang with the lead pack as long as I can.
  • The race takes shape on the one and only climb. Give it all I've got.
  • Don't finish last.
  • Keep my head in the game, and have fun.

That's it. Nothing left to do but rest up and make sure the rest of my life is on track. This'll take care of itself.

OtH Intermediate Course

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