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Self-Coaching: Week 4

Self-Coaching: Week 4

(Note: this is for the week prior to Tuesday's Over the Hump race, even though I'm posting afterward.)

Maintain rhythm with gym workouts & rides.


Swap Planks for Flutter Kicks or Cable Chops

Nope. Did the same as last week.

Keep up the commitment to getting leaner.

Nope. Terrible. Ate cookies, plenty of desserts, etc.

Bring my lunch to work.

Nope. Just one day in five. Not good.

Overall: C-

Solid work maintaining my workout schedule, but points off for not stepping up the intensity, and for eating pretty badly.

Weigh-In: 183#

Not thrilled, but not exactly surprised.

Goals for Week 5:

  • Maintain workout schedule.
  • Step up to flutter kicks instead of planks.
  • Skip the cookies.
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